I thought before I actually went ahead and started posting stuff on here I would first introduce myself.  Hi! My name is Licenia but almost everyone that knows me calls me Liz. (It’s also just easier since not many can pronounce my name correctly)  The point of this blog is going to be about me just typing up my thoughts on comics, whether it be movies, tv shows or actually comics.  Maybe I’ll even post reviews on stuff that’s not comic related (don’t know yet) but comics will come first.

What I’m into:

•  First off my favorite comic book character is Deadpool.  I LOVE him!  I’m not going to lie to you and sit here and type that I grew up reading those comics and all of that stuff because I didn’t.  I think I saw him for the first time when my brother was playing Marvel vs. Capcom 3 in 2011.  I was so intrigued with how goofy and funny he was and I just began asking my brother, “Who’s that? What’s his name? Why haven’t I seen him before?” After he told me who he was I began to research his comics and learned that he’s actually quite an old character.  See back then I could only research the comics I liked and learned their stories from the internet or my brother because I didn’t really go out much so I had never gone to a comic store even though I really wanted to.  But now I have read Deadpool comics  (not all of them) via my Ipad and every story arc I have read has made me love the character even more.

•  I like both Marvel and DC equally! As it should be.

•  Favorite DC character: Wally West =)

•  I’m into video games! I’m down to play whatever to be honest.  And if I end up being really bad at a game, I either get help from my brother, who’s my video game Yoda or I try to learn by myself until I finally understand what’s going on.

•  I grew up on Pokemon games, Mario (obviously), let’s just say pretty much everything a 90’s baby grew up on.  Same for cartoons.

*Sidenote* If I could buy/read all the comics in the world, I would.

And since I’m drawing a blank as to what else I should put, I’ll leave it at that for now.  I think the first thing I’d like to talk about is the epic crossover that happened last night with Supergirl and The Flash =) so stay tuned!