Epic Crossover

First off, I started thinking and decided to change the name of my page from Comic Talk to Geek Talk because I realized that I want to talk about other things other then comics. (games, other movies, etc)  I don’t think the URL can be changed though? so I guess that will still be Comic Talk.

So this week the crossover between Supergirl and The Flash happened and I have to say I enjoyed it even more then I thought I would!  I’m a big fan of The Flash and have watched it since the very beginning so when I read that a crossover would happened I got happy but also very worried.  Mainly because I hadn’t and still haven’t watch Supergirl so this was the first episode I’ve watched this season.  And well I was freaking lost!  I had no idea who these two chicks were and why they were so angry at the boss lady and Kara.  Everything was very new to me but I tried to keep up as best I could.

The beginning of the episode was where I got lost the most because I didn’t know any names except Kara’s and Jimmy’s.  It looks like there’s a “thing” going on there which I understood more as the episode continued.  Since I don’t know the show, I’ll jump around a little bit and go straight to when Barry shows up.  His entrance was awesome! I know we’ve seen him running on the side of the building and whatever but I thought the way he saved Kara was pretty cool. I also thought it would’ve been cool to see a little bit of TeamFlash but I guess we’ll see what they thought about Barry’s adventure during this week’s episode.  Sidenote:  I had spoken to a friend about why and how Barry ended up on Kara’s universe…and I was right!!! Anyways back to the convo.   The awkwardness during their first meeting had a hilarity to it because none of them knew who the other was but at the same time I saw just how quickly they got comfortable with each other, which made James pretty jealous I saw.


I think I really started liking Kara when she showed that she wasn’t your typical girly girl.  By this I mean that she likes to eat!! The ice cream and when she asked Barry if he liked donuts were probably the coolest thing ever. (sorry my inner fat girl is coming out)  There were definitely an “awww” moment for me, which was Kara doubting herself because of what happened in a previous episode.  But I was happy that she found Barry who was able to relate to her and give her some great advice.

The fight scenes in the episode were ok for me.  I thought a lot more could be done to be honest.  I liked that Barry remembered those earpieces and used them!  But when he got knocked out by Livewire and didn’t return to Kara until she had finished them off had me all like


I felt like the villain’s costumes were meh, like they were going out to trick or treat so they put on something simple, but that’s just me.  

Anyways some final thoughts, I enjoyed this episode very much.  I thought the chemistry between Barry and Kara was great! They were so cute ^_^ and I totally agreed with Kara’s boss about making Jimmy jealous, so when he clearly showed his feelings about the whole situation I thought, “yea Kara, let him suffer a little bit!” lol The “race” in the end wasn’t even a race xD it was just them running for Barry’s sake, I wish they would have gone further with that.  They should’ve ended it like how the cartoon ended it, about to start racing again after not being able to complete it because of their obstacles.  I wonder what’s going to happen next week though.  Because by the looks of it Jimmy’s got brainwashed and started walking with those people at the end.  Well I don’t know what I want to talk about next but this is definitely a start.


  • – Liz

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