The Flash 02×17

While it’s still fresh in my mind, I’ve just finished watching last week’s episode of The Flash (03/29/16).  So I wanted to come on here and just type up some thoughts I had on this episode.  It was a very emotional episode in my opinion because we followed Barry through several events in the past that had angry, sad and even surprising outcomes.

But the very first observation I made was that there was no mention of Supergirl at all. This made me wonder about the time this episode happened and it wasn’t until the end I figured out that this episode happened before the events of the crossover.  But anyways back to the episode.

The episode started off with Barry trying to find a way to get faster, which we’ve been seeing for the past few weeks.  But I felt bad for him because of the guilt he had, what happened to him a year ago was happening again.  He confided in the wrong person and was betrayed.  Because of this we have to wait another three weeks and probably counting until he realizes that Jay isn’t Zoom.  I know he’s angry and full of guilt, but I can’t help but feel bad for Jay as well because now he looks like that bad guy, so I’m hoping that gets cleared up asap!

We’ve also been seeing more of Wally West and in every episode he’s in I keep wondering if that will be the episode where he gets his powers.  I’m really hoping that they don’t save it until the season finale or something because that would suck.  I’m also hoping that once he does get his powers, he’ll lighten a little bit, especially toward Barry.  Hey maybe he’ll even join in on the fight with Zoom, who knows. *Fingers crossed*

It was good to see Wells/Thawne again, I must admit.  This episode also shows just how awesome Tom Cavanagh is at his job.  He went from a sort of liked Dr. Wells from Earth 2 to the villain we strongly disliked in season 1.  I’m glad Barry tried to keep his composure (as much as possible) whenever he was around Wells for the sake of the mission.  But I found myself chuckling whenever Barry would give Wells the evil eye whenever he wasn’t looking.  I absolutely loved how they brought back one of his infamous lines from season 1, “Run Barry” (missing the other “run”) but that’s neither here nor there.  There was a wickedness in his expressions when confronting Barry in his hideout that made me think, “Now I remember why I didn’t like you.”  But in that scene I loved that Barry held his own, he wasn’t afraid of him anymore, and that showed me that Barry has grown and became stronger.


Seeing this scene also made me realize that although they’re enemies, they depend on each other.  But thinking about it more, I should’ve noticed this in season 1 as well…especially when the truth about Thawne came out.  His whole “I live to destroy you” speech was the obvious indicator to this observation.  I guess I noticed it a whole lot more in that one scene which was pretty awesome if you ask me.

I loved the guest stars in this episode, we got to see Eddie and Hartley again in the past and the future (Hartley).  The sad part of the episode was seeing Eddie again and the words he said to Iris for her birthday.  He truly does/did love her but it was also the thing Iris needed to be able to move on.  It was more emotional when she saw it because I’m a wimp and I cried with her, so they got me there.  As for Hartley, the switch to being good was a good choice in my opinion.  Hopefully we get to see that backstory of how/when he turned good?

The Time Wraith was sort of funny to me because the first thing I thought of when I saw it was a Dementor lol.  It was pretty funny that Cisco or Hartley (I can’t remember) mentioned it too.  Also with Wells saying that other speedsters see it too made me wonder, does this mean there’s even more opportunity to see other Earths (obviously yes).  The point being can we see Wally West (not the New 52 Wally)  or maybe even Barry’s dad now that we know the 90’s Flash is part of this universe.  Only time will tell.


In the end, I thought the episode was great.  It was an emotional roller coaster but there was still development in the story.  Barry found the answer he was looking for from his former mentor.  We got to see their relationship from mentor -> mentee to enemies again which was kind of nice because again to me they depend on each other in order to get better.  I also thought there were points in the episode where Barry was going to mess up the timeline, like when the other Barry woke up.  Or when he told Cisco about where to find Ronnie.  It looks like the only think that happened was that Hartley turned good, but maybe we’ll see the other consequences in the next episode.  Now for the 3 week wait -_-.  What were your guy’s thoughts on this episode, let me know!  As for the next post, it will either feature last week’s episode of Arrow or tonight’s season finale of The Walking Dead, which I’m terrified about if you ask me.  Until then Godspeed.

– Liz


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