“Last Day on Earth”

Ok…so I’m still trying to process what just happened in this season finale of The Walking Dead.  The whole episode was just an emotional roller coaster, from the minute it started I felt like I forgot to breathe.


First things first, I am SO happy that Father Gabriel is finally acting like a warrior.  I was so proud of him, even though he only appeared in the beginning.  The way he stepped up to the plate just made me like him even more.  His character development has been impressive considering what he’s gone through.  Similar to Carol, Father Gabriel went from someone who had dark secrets and could even hold a gun, to someone who was willing to die for his home.  His priority like he said was Judith, but the look of determination in his face to protect his home was incredible.

Throughout the episode, we also heard some more memorable lines said by the characters we love.  The first being from Rick, “Tell them to wait for me, I got a deal for them,” now as much as I love Rick, I knew that in this time he was getting too cocky.  I’m all for this Ricktatorship but  I’m saying he was too cocky because we all knew how this episode would end.  Another line that stuck out to me was from Abraham, “bitch nuts,” lol Abe has given us some pretty memorable lines so I feel like this one’s going to be used a bunch.

My dear Carol…I don’t even know what to say to be honest.  Going from an abusive relationship, to losing your daughter, to becoming one of the most badass characters on this show is a lot to take in.  I feel like all of the badassery kicked her ass and she was just tired of it all.  It saddened me that she was ready to die, that she was ready to leave the people that cared about her.  I think she could definitely go through the same training Morgan went through to find her balance again but I don’t want her to die.

Onto the Saviors…their whistle thingy they kept doing was so creepy to me.  Bravo to the writers and director because whenever I heard that, I felt like I was going to lose it.  I feel like each time Rick and the group came to a roadblock the Saviors kept getting bigger and scarier.  Obviously we saw this in the last 10-15 minutes when we saw them as a whole.

As the group was being lined up on their knees I couldn’t help think, it could be anyone!  We’ve already seen that the writers don’t exactly go by the comics so you really don’t know.  I felt for them as I saw the terrified looks on their faces.  The most heartbreaking thing for me was seeing Glenn jump up after Negan had Lucille in front of Maggie.  I thought right then and there he was going to get beat.  I clenched my chest with a sigh of relief because Negan “let that one go.”

This line up also shows just how broken everyone became once they saw there was no way out.  The confidence Rick had in the beginning was no longer there, he looked helpless and afraid.  The only one I think really held it together was Abraham and maybe Carl.  Both of them looked ready to deal with whatever happened next.


The last 10-15 minutes were some of the most intense feelings I’ve ever had.  Not only because of the terrified looks everyone, especially Rick had, but we also finally got to meet Negan.   Now I was pretty excited when I heard that Jeffrey Dean Morgan was cast because not only is he a spectacular actor in movies but I loved him in Supernatural as John Winchester.  Although the minute he appeared in his first scene terrified me so much.  The smirk, the way he walked, just everything terrified me so much, even more then when Rick killed Gareth and that’s saying something.  When he started playing eeny, meeny, miney, moe I felt like I was going to pass out (seriously).  I think I forgot to breathe again (this happened in a previous episode) and my whole body just tensed up.  The final moments of the episode were hard too, not only because we didn’t see who Lucille was bashing but it was the noises.  As the screen went black and you kept hearing the hits, I closed my eyes for a second and turned away even though we didn’t see who it was.  The sounds were just skin crawling.

It honestly could be anyone and with this I’ll give you guys my three choices.  I think it’s either Glenn, Daryl or maybe even Abraham.  Glenn for obvious reasons, Daryl because he wasn’t in a good state or Abraham who was the only one that was composed (but probably shitting his pants inside) throughout the whole thing.

Now for a six month wait for season 7…omg I know all of the emotions are ready to explode after the cliffhanger but until then I’m going to try and not think about it so I won’t be so anxious.  Again, bravo to the writers, director and most of all to the cast this season.  6B was insane and this episode showed another side to each character that we’ll hopefully explore next season after these events.  Let me know what you guys thought of the episode!

  • Liz

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